Looking to add electric vehicles to your fleet but don’t know where to start? ezEV will help ensure you get the right technology into the right applications.

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ezEV Suitability Scoring

Our proprietary analytics software, ezEV, uses telematics data to assess individual vehicles to determine if the vehicle’s driving needs could be met with an electric vehicle (EV).

Each vehicle is scored on its energy use, economics, and parking consistency which are combined into an Overall ezEV Suitability Score.

Our analysis uses telematics data to calculate more than 170 properties per vehicle using tens of thousands of data points based on how the vehicle is actually driven.

Cost & Environmental Impact

For each vehicle, we calculate the financial savings, GHG emissions reductions, and cost per mile if that vehicle were to be replaced with a specific EV model.

This allows fleet managers to easily and confidently decide when it makes sense to replace a specific vehicle with an EV.

Not only do we identify the EV model that is the best fit for each vehicle, we also allow users to easily select different EV models so that they can compare how their existing vehicle would perform as multiple EV models.

ezEV Portal
ezEV Portal

Charging Infrastructure

For each vehicle, we identify the location and duration of extended parking periods to determine the optimal location for charging infrastructure (e.g. EVSE).

Our EVSE analysis allows fleet managers to make data-driven investments in EVSE to support the successful adoption of EVs in the fleet.