You’ve deployed EVs in your fleet and now you want to make sure they’re performing as promised and you’re optimizing your ROI? We use ionEV, our proprietary analytics software, to help you do just that.

ionEV Dashbaord

EV Management

ionEV is an EV Management tool that helps fleet managers optimize the EVs in their fleet.

We can help drivers get the right miles on the right vehicle, ensuring that EVs are used where they perform best, giving drivers the confidence that an EV will work for their trip needs.

Maximizing the miles on the EVs in the fleet will reduce fuel and maintenance costs across the entire fleet, resulting in savings year after year.

Tracking Electricity Use

Managing EVs in your fleet may bring some changes to your operations. With ionEV, you can easily determine the electricity use for each of your EVs, whether they charge on-site at one of your chargers or elsewhere.

This allows you to accurately determine the electricity costs to fuel your vehicles and to ensure you’re correctly allocating fueling funds between fleet and facilities. Additionally, this data can be invaluable if any of your drivers charge their work EV at home.

Electricity Use Graph
Charging Behavior Graph

Optimizing Charging

Whether you have a BEV or a PHEV, it’s imperative that vehicles are charged and ready to go when your drivers need them. With ionEV, Sawatch Labs identifies the state of charge for each EV and determines when there are missed charging opportunities.

In fleet applications, it’s common for drivers to forget to plug-in their PHEV because they know they can rely on the gas tank if needed. However, to optimize the ROI of a PHEV, you want to maximize the electric miles by plugging it in nearly every chance you get. With ionEV, we can identify and alert fleet managers when charging rates are low so they can work with their drivers to ensure vehicles are charged. This data helps fleets improve their ROI on PHEVs and better meet their sustainability goals.


Many fleet managers purchase EVs to meet their organization’s sustainability goals. ionEV provides reports on the emissions reductions achieved based on actual driving, including both GHG emissions and other emissions that impact air quality (e.g. NOx, PM, etc.). Sustainability reports can be provided at whatever frequency and granularity is most valuable to your organization.

GHG Emissions Graph