Privacy Policy

Sawatch Inc, a Delaware Corporation

Website, Analtics and Applications Privacy Statement (Effective January, 2019)

Sawatch Inc ("Sawatch," "our,"or "we") takes reasonable steps to protect the privacy of its website and applications. However, personal information collected via the Sawatch website, located at (referred to below as "this website") and via the Sawatch applications (the "Sawatch App"), is not considered confidential and may be disclosed or shared by Sawatch outside of Sawatch's company operations. Please read the following Website and Applications Privacy Statement before deciding to release any personal informational on this website or via the Sawatch App.

Restriction on Users

Only individuals who are at least 18 years of age, or businesses or other entities, are permitted to establish accounts with Sawatch Inc, a a Delaware Corporation ("Sawatch," "our," or "we") and to directly submit personal information to Sawatch.

Collection of Personal Information

By using this website, by applying to open an account with Sawatch, or by using the Sawatch App, you consent to our collection and use of personal information about you. We may collect the following personal information from you: Your name; your website user name and password; the zip code in which your home is located (if you are establishing or have established an account with Sawatch in your individual name), or the address where your business or other entity is located (if you are setting up an account for a fleet of commercial vehicles or otherwise for an entity); your motor vehicle year, make, model, and Vehicle Identification Number; other information about your motor vehicle (such as the locations of your motor vehicle); and other information from your motor vehicle's sensors (such as driving distances, driving speeds, and diagnostic trouble codes). Sawatch will utilize your dongle device's locations services (GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation) to record your vehicle's location when you drive. Sawatch may also collect information about how the vehicle functions, beyond what is mentioned above. Sawatch will not ask you for your Social Security Number.

We may use "cookies" or other website tools to assist you in using this website and the Sawatch App. Cookies help Sawatch analyze the usage of our service and this website more accurately. Cookies may also be placed by third-party services that we use. We may use third-party marketing and advertising services that use cookies to market our product to you on external sites. You can choose to opt-out of the tracking by using the "Do Not Track" feature on your Internet browser.

Sharing of Aggregated Personal Information and Other Information

To enable Sawatch to provide this website and the Sawatch App, and the services on this website and the Sawatch App to consumers for no charge or for a reduced charge, we may provide aggregated personal information about you to current and/or prospective Sawatch affiliates, agents, and business partners. We may choose to disclose nonpublic personal information about you, the consumer, to a third party for compensation.

If you provide information to Sawatch about a business or other entity, we may disclose information about your business or other entity to current and/or prospective Sawatch affiliates, agents, and business partners.

In circumstances where Sawatch is legally bound by law, regulation, subpoena, or otherwise to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, other government agencies, or courts or arbitrators, Sawatch reserves the right to disclose any information that is demanded by those organizations or otherwise deemed important in connection with the demands of those organizations.

Modification of Information on Website or Sawatch App

If you believe that information about you, your company/organization, or other information on this website or the Sawatch App is incorrect or misleading, please advise Sawatch of the information you believe to be incorrect or misleading by sending an e-mail message to; and you may request that the information be modified. If we determine that the information is incorrect or misleading, we will make corrections or revisions of the information, as applicable. Though Sawatch may use reasonable efforts to comply with all requests for modification of incorrect or misleading information on this website or the Sawatch App, Sawatch does so voluntarily and makes no express or implied agreement with the submitting party that would obligate Sawatch to comply with or act upon a modification request.

Links to/from, and Sharing Information with Social Networking Sites and Other Third-Party Sites

Sawatch may now or in the future allow you to link your Sawatch account with third party services such as social networking sites ("Linked Accounts"). In that situation, you may be able to submit content to this website from a Linked Account, and you may transfer content from this website to a Linked Account. If Sawatch allows you to link your Sawatch account to a Linked Account, and you do so, you are authorizing Sawatch to store and use your access credentials to access your Linked Account on your behalf as your agent. That allows Sawatch to integrate your experience with Sawatch with content, information, and features available through the Linked Account. It is your responsibility to comply with all the terms and conditions of usage of the Linked Account established by the Linked Account.

Website Links and Other Websites' Content

This website and the Sawatch App includes or may include hyperlinks to other websites of third parties not affiliated with Sawatch that might be of interest to our customers and prospective customers. However, Sawatch does not take responsibility for, nor make any claim as to confidentiality of, the content or quality of these other websites. Sawatch recommends that the user review the privacy statement of any website before submitting personal information online.

How We Protect Your Information

Sawatch uses industry standard security software that encrypts your account information and any payment information you input to the website before it is sent to Sawatch.

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

Sawatch reserves the right to change its Website and Applications Privacy Statement without notice to users, and without consideration of past practices. Changes to the Sawatch Website and Applications Privacy Statement are disseminated by the posting on this website of the updated Website and Applications Privacy Statement in place of this Website and Applications Privacy Statement. The Sawatch Website and Applications Privacy Statement is part of a business philosophy and is not to be construed as a binding contact or agreement between Sawatch and the online user.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Sawatch Website and applications Privacy Statement, please send an e-mail message to